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How Man Created God

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How Man Created God

Post  Manahuna on 05.05.16 12:59

God cannot exist without man

for who would worship him?


God is a creation of man

We only exist as man

We humans live perpetually

and only exist as 'corporeal man' inside the materium

God only exist in the materium!

Created by man's corporeal thoughts and emotions

affecting the materium and God is thus created

God/Gods don't exist on the other side or in the afterlife

That's a different set of conditions over there

Jews offer an interesting religious case study

Because the Jews obviously get their power from their God

Their God is a creation of all their minds

aimed on consolidating on the same concept

It's a kind of Chi feeling

think of Aikido or Tai Chi for example

where you feel power [flowing through you]

and you go and do your exercises

to built up the Chi energy

and you can see the practitioners aura grow

something we create and control

it's a skill

The Jews are very skilled

because of the many centuries of their focus

and their focus has an interesting aim

everybody [not just they themselves]

always associates the Judaist religion with Money

They have a core emotional hook for that in their religion

and this hook binds them all together so that they are actually

able to draw power out of the materium from it.

They are actuallly building that

There is no external God

As without the Jews, Jehova [Adonai] doesn't exist

as for who would worship him?


Jews are not "the chosen people"

They are the ones who chose their God

In their scriptures this is clearly stated

that they chose to worship this particular deity

rejecting all the other possible deities

Adonai provides them in their mental construct

with the power they seek

and you see this phenomenon  in other subcultures too

for instance the tight religion of Jainism

The Jain people are 25 million people within a billion Indians

and the Jain inside the indian society of Hindu's

are kinda like the Jews of India

always very professional, highly educated and successful

because they are focussed on Perfection

So you see these people as scientists, surgeons etc

Because of their focus

Universal law: Energy always follows attention

Channeling works the same way

as the channeler is actually broadcasting

what is inside the brain of his audience

[not some god or alien from out of "empty space"]

Channelers only speak in their own familiar language

but should be able to speak all languages

if what they say they do was true

Therefore no channeler ever knows anything

they didn't already have in their minds

and just like religion channeling depends on

a common core believe system to which

the audience will entrance to

A channeler is a self appointed cult leader

and a religion is a cult that survived it's founder

it's all manufactured by people in the materium

I am not anti-religious because there is a need for it

and if you need it then that's fine

just don't bother me with it

I am very busy with doing nothing

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Re: How Man Created God

Post  Manahuna on 05.05.16 16:57

Egregore is an occult practice of creating a "thoughtform" or "collective group mind"
an autonomous psychic entity made up by the power of imagination to manipulate
the thoughts of a group of people in order to control their thought-processes
by a symbiotic relationship between the Egregore and it's group of people
It's the underlying technique of the Ruling Class to be able to rule over
the many, even in modern politics there is always an ideological entity
[sometimes a "godlike" leader/father figure] that forces the individual
to give up his natural equality, so that his inborn freedom can be
"managed & controlled" by "experts"  who are always on the payroll
of the Ruling Class. This has never been different since mankind
has been domesticated into Tribalism, only a little over 2000 yrs
ago a clever Jew named Jesus/Isa created a new thoughtform
which had to be neutralized, and the only way it could be
neutralized was by "mimicking" it after his death and then to
change it's original message back into the ancient "Egregore"
forget about all the garbled rubbish, his main message was
that "God" comes from within and that no one needs a
merchant or middle man between himself and "God" and
he wanted his brother to be in charge of his legacy
but the Romans could not allow this and thus Peter
was chosen and Europe was christianized in the
most brutal way one can imagine, all because of
Economics since the Roman Empire absolutely
depended on the North African and Levante
Corn at that time, no shit! And in desperate
times they just change the meme to stay
in power, and it wasn't the first time
in history that this had happened

Now what?
If you feel powerless you are
powerless, if you feel powerful you are
powerful. Nobody can rule over you if you
are not scared of death and if you knew what
death is, you wouldn't be scared. A true
master is not one that is able to rule over
others. A true master is somebody who
only seeks control over himself
Your choice!

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