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Post  Manahuna on 22.10.11 4:15

From the talk: "Violence plays an extraordinary part in our life, we never ask whether the mind can be completely and utterly free from violence. We have accepted it as part of life, as we have accepted war as a way of life.…and there have been for 5,000 years, wars, because man has accepted violence as the way of life. And we never question whether the mind can be really and truly, deeply free of violence."

Can thought/time stop? Only then there is the end to fear. But one has to see it for oneself, not take it from another. We are not beggars. Nobody is giving or taking. Nobody is stretching his hand out to you to move. That question itself, to find out the cause of fear, and finding it out for oneself, hold that cause, stay with it, then the very staying has its own energy. But if you run away then it is like playing a game with yourself.
So is it possible to end this fear now, ...

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