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Klaus Dona - The Hidden History Of The World

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Klaus Dona - The Hidden History Of The World

Post  Manahuna on 08.10.10 16:40

Klaus Dona is the Art Exhibition Curator for the Habsburg Haus of Austria. Mr. Dona organizes the exhibitions world wide. Being a specialist in culture and art exhibitions, his attention was automatically drawn to a phenomenon called ‘oo-parts’. Out of context or common logic archeological pieces, meaning artifacts that should not exist according to current science. Klaus Dona has been researching these types of artifacts for over a decade and, after a long preparation, decided to set up an exhibition of these pieces, which he called ”Unsolved Mysteries”.

He has gotten hold of pieces that come from places such as Roswell, New Mexico; a still intact chupacabras esqueleton; as well as giant’s (Nephilim) bones, a feat no one had been able to achieve since museums bury these in their basements to avoid raising unconfortable questions. A large portion of the pieces is scattered around the world and in secret private collections.

Klaus Dona has been able to gather more than 1700 pieces, all of which have no logical explanation! The exhibition was a big success in Vienna, after which it travelled to Berlin, Seoul, and Switzerland. Being physical pieces, they are irrefutable evidence and difficult to reject. All through his search for unexplained archeological artifacts the answer has always been: we are not alone, more so, we’ve never been.

Mr. Dona will bring, for the first time, some of the pieces pictured underneath, and will explain what is actually known about them, why they don’t fit in the current scientific paradigms, and what implications their existence have on our history as Humanity.


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