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Post  Manahuna on 09.11.09 21:25

Created as a constant reminder of a greater cosmic order, the observatory at Angkor Wat shows several apparent solar alignments with a nearby mountaintop shrine. A person standing at Pre Rup, six kilometers away, could watch the sun set over Angkor Wat at winter solstice. A person standing in the southwestern corner of the temple could watch a rising sun through the eastern gate during the summer solstice.

Angkor is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries. New archeological studies have revealed that it was the largest ever city of antiquity, bigger than New York today. New satelite technologies revealed their incredible landscape architecture indepth and a super sophisticated water system. The reason for the demise of this great city has also come a bit to light. Even though there are no written records, the architecture speaks it's own very clear language. Angkor was founded by a Hindu society which was later overtaken by a Buddhist ruling class. We don't know if the Khmer realised their own slow decline, but archeologists found evidence for the Buddhist fractions trying to outshine the earlier Hindu architects by building more and more buildings and damaging the important watersupply system to support this giant Empire leading to their own destruction.

Some argue that the two large artificial sweet water lakes (8x2 kilometers in size!!!) are the most mindblowing structures that were ever build during this earthly epoch. One of those very large lakes (which were shaped in perfect rectangulars east and west of the city) dried out during the last period of Buddhist rule, and which forced the people to evacuate the region, after an economic collapse of sorts, today scientists speculate...

There are always lessons to be learned by new arriving rivals. The reason why the last temples of Angkor were not swallowed up by the jungle completely was due to some Buddhist Monks guarding the remains of this once almost incomprehensible Empire.

It is also worthy to note that the early Hindu Temples of Angkor used the same techniques to smoothen the huge stones to be perfectly stacked on top of each other just as the INKAS used to do.

Silver head of Lord Vishnu (8th century) now in mutilated condition.

There must have been some hateful sentiment on the part of the new Buddhist dynasties towards the old Hindu builders of cambodian civilisation....

As is so often the case, unfortunately, no matter where those transitions take place.

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Re: Angkor

Post  tetragrammaton on 08.10.10 23:20

The alignments I remember were towards Pleiades.

Thats one Star cluster that kept coming up over and over when I was looking into the Vedic stuff.

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